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Boys hurt too

i am absolutely terrified and horrified by this

This is a stat that many MRAs will use in support of Men’s Rights but I can say with full confidence that the male suicide rates are a product of the patriarchy. Our society portrays emotional weakness and brokenness as a strongly feminine trait, so depressed or suicidal men are far less likely to seek out help for their problems and those that do are less likely to be given the support they need. “Man up” is something I have been told time after time in my times of my own depression and thoughts of suicide, it’s disheartening and there are those who will not get better without support. So these thousands of young boys who will never again walk this earth, taken from their friends and family by their own hands are largely victims of the patriarchy. Fight the patriarchy, for men, women and everyone outside and in between.  
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That would be one BEAUTIFUL baby!!
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Halloween night!
Talk to someone!!! It gets better (:
“"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending" -Carl Bard For those of you stressing college or putting it off.”
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AMAZING talent, love his work. Definitely suggest checking him out.